In addition to the interactive multimedia content I create every day, I enjoy dabbling in a few other Internet mediums. 

In February 2015, I participated in my first Moth StorySLAM in Providence, Rhode Island. Here, I tell a story about getting my period while hiking up a mountain at 10 years old. But really, it's a story about sisterhood, family, and feeling like you've shit your pants. 


Here's an independently written, produced, and edited podcast sample, where I explore the millennial's seeming inability to fully end romantic relationships in a sea of social media. 


I spent a day with one of Newark's best and most prolific graffiti writers, who goes by the name of “Torch. Torch took me on a tour of the best spots for illicit writing and mural painting in Newark. He told me about his life, his work, and how the normalization of graffiti is changing the game for writers everywhere. Does it take away from the original purpose of graffiti? Is it like graffiti gentrification? Is it good or bad, and am I to have an opinion either way? Here's the link to the multimedia storytelling website I created after our day together, which includes a photo essay and a podcast. 

Check it out here: 


My Great Uncle Teddy is 90. He graduated from Brown in 1949. I created and directed “Storytime With Uncle Teddy,” an oral history webseries, in which Uncle Teddy recounts his most beloved Brown memories. 

In this installment of Storytime, Ted introduces himself and situates his life in the context of Brown.

In this installment of Storytime, Ted talks about a lighthearted campus event during the Second World War.

In this installment of Storytime, Ted recounts one memorable way in which students blew off some steam during WWII.